The K.I.I.A is a structure which has for purpose to :

  •  Ensure the spread of Kinomichi®, traditional martial art method created by Master NORO both nationally and internationally.
  • Organise, control and develop Kinomichi® in order to facilitate physical and moral well-being in humankind.
  •  Lead, coordinate and oversee the practice and instruction of Kinomichi® according to the rules established by Master NORO.
  •  Oversee the organisation of workshops in particular with regards to techniques and moral precepts of Kinomichi® as taught by Master NORO.

The K.I.I.A is committed to devoting itself to its goals and refuses any kind of political or religious discrimination. It is committed to respecting freedom of opinion and the fundamental rights of humankind.
It also pledges to observe the rules set out by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.



2018-09-16 - Stage KIIA january 2019

Stages KIIA




4-5-6 january 2019


Gymnase Léo Lagrange

75012 Paris




information/  Registration:



06 50 56 92 87


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