The documents presented below were published at significant moments in Master Noroĺs history. They make reference to different steps in the creation of Kinomichi and not to a final version of the art, as Kinomichi is constantly evolving.
The publication date will help you to situate the event in the overall context.
The translation of these documents will be included little by little.

Date : 19/09/2014
Categorie : Books

Date : 10/09/2014
Categorie : Practical documents

Master Noro - 1995 Kinomichi

Date : 11/01/2012
Categorie : Videos

1995, 30th anniversary of Aikido in Germany.

Demonstration of Kinomichi by Master Noro

Master Noro - 1962 Aikido

Date : 10/01/2012
Categorie : Videos

1962, Fréjus.

Noro Sensei Aïkido

Date : 20/06/2011
Categorie : Articles

Master Noro JO

Date : 18/05/2010
Categorie : Videos

Demonstration of Jo by Master Noro, end of seventeen's.

A dojo of Master Noro - 2000 Kinomichi

Date : 01/03/2010
Categorie : Videos

2000, "Dojo de la Fontaine" in Paris.

  Kinomichi®, an evening of septembre 2000

Produced by Gabriel Turkieh

Aïkido Magazine- June 2009

Date : 25/06/2009
Categorie : Articles

Article by Lucien Forni for « Aïkido Magazine”,
published by the FFAAA.

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┬ź Energies ┬╗ special edition on A├»kido- June 2009

Date : 04/06/2009
Categorie : Articles

Article by Françoise Paumard for « Energies »
special edition on Aïkido

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Masamichi Noro: A Man at Peace

Date : 01/01/2007
Categorie : Articles

Masamichi Noro: A Man at Peace

Interview with sensei Noro by Manou, published on

(Download interview)

The Universal Ki Movement

Date : 01/12/2003
Categorie : Articles

The Universal Ki Movement

Articles by Jean Paoli for “Aïkido Magazine”, published by FFAAA

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Book: Kinomichi By Raymond Murcia

Date : 01/09/1996
Categorie : Books


Book: Kinomichi® practice with Master Noro

Date : 01/05/1992
Categorie : Books

Kinomichi® practice with Master Noro
Date: 5/1/1992

By Daniel Roumanoff
First edition 1992